Data Migration Challenges

What's the Challenge of Data Migration?

We've all seen it. Whenever a new information management system or application is introduced into a business, it creates a data migration challenge.

What is that challenge? It's getting all of the data that's been compiled and managed through the old, legacy application into the new system, where you can take advantage of the new application's features and functions right away. How do you get this done? For many small businesses, migrating data from one application to another in order for it to be compatible with the new system, is accomplished the old fashioned way.

You re-enter it.

That means taking one of your staff out their usual role, equip them with a collection of reports and output screens from the legacy system, sit down for hours (if not days...) in front of their keyboard and monitor, and have them re-key the same details of all that data into the new system's forms.

Tedious. Error prone. Time consuming. Error prone. Frustrating. Not productive. And did we mention ...? It's error prone.

Augury Knows How

Augury knows how to bring the right methods to the challenge of migrating your valuable data from System A so that it can be used in System B.

Here's Augury's Eight Step Data Migration process:

  1. Analyze the source and target data models
  2. Assess the quality of the source data
  3. Map elements from the source model to the target model
  4. Develop a migration sequence
  5. Test the migration path and procedures
  6. Devise the Migration-Cutover-Backout plan
  7. Migrate the source data to the target data
  8. Verify the target data's integrity

And while using a tested and effective method is crucial, it's equally important to approach the job with the right tools. Augury knows how to apply the right analytic, development and management tools to ensure that the migration process is accurately designed, carefully planned, comprehensively tracked and effeciently implemented.