Managing Content

Managing Content in Any Enterprise

Even a small organization's unstructured information content, derived from multiple sources, stored in diverse locations, and retained in wide range of formats doesn't neatly fall into pre-defined categories of data that charaterize many types of information management systems. However, Content Management Systems - also referred to as CMS - are designed to deal with just such data diversity.

Successful owners and managers of smaller enterprises are constantly thinking about ways to increase the efficiency of their business' operations, while keeping their capital costs under control. One strategy for making this happen is to look to low cost open source software solutions to manage the documents, details and records that are related to business' processes. Today, there are several excellent open source CMS solutions that can readily fill that need.

Augury offers hands-on experience with two enterprise-class content management systems, in particular:

Drupal is a free open source software solution that supports publishing, managing and organizing a wide variety of content on an internal or external website. Hundreds of thousands of people, organizations and enterprises use Drupal to power an endless variety of sites.

Moodle is an open source content management system that is specifically focused on the unique needs of training and learning processes. It has become very popular around the world as a platform for creating dynamic sites for enterprise employees to use in learning new skills and procedures. As a human resource management tool, it supports collaborative activities, automated testing, and overall training and certification records management, among many other capabilities.

Augury Knows How

Augury knows how to tailor the Drupal and Moodle platforms to meet your enterprise's unique requirements. We will design and build your solution on one or both of these robust platforms, selecting and integrating just the right combination of add-in modules from among the thousands available. Augury will get you to a hosted, production-ready application in less time and at a substantially lower cost than most comparable proprietary systems.

And, because these solutions are open, standards-based, and supported by worldwide communities of contributors, Augury is capable of developing and integrating new features and functions that your enterprise requires.