Business Systems Modeling, Analysis and Design

Do you find sometimes that, while things do get done in your business, you're not sure of exactly how?Developing a process perspective can be very challenging

A business process model can help.

A Business Process Model combines a structured business analysis method with web-enabled, standards-based tools to define, document, and disseminate a clear and complete picture of your enterprise's business processes.

In other words, a process model is a picture of how your business delivers value, satisfies customers, and makes a profit. A useful, graphic description of how things get done.

Collaborating with your staff, we'll discover, assess, document, and visually map your business' processes. A business process model portrays how you and your team create and deliver value to your customers:

  • Concisely define workflow - a process model provides a concise picture of how work moves through your organization, and what kind of information is used, created, or applied. Assess inefficiencies, identify information needs, and understand what impact changes can have, upstream and downstream.
  • Communicate through a common vision - equip your employees with a clear, graphic view of how your operation delivers value to your customers
  • Evaluate your organizational readiness - methodically assess just how prepared your operation is to implement a new system, launch a new product, or initiate a new customer service.
  • Use as an ongoing training tool - bring new employee up to speed faster and more efficiently by having a tailored, on-line resource to guide and inform about how your business is designed to run

Talk to us today about a business systems analysis engagement for your enterprise.