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We put together this list of links to some examples of actual engagement deliverables that we have completed in several Augury services engagements, past and present, along with a brief explanation of each deliverable and its purpose.

Note: Although our clients have graciously authorized using these items to illustrate the caliber and scope of Augury's service offerings, in some cases we chose to maintain confidentiality by removing or obscuring references to their corporate names.

Operations Model for a Residential Services Provider

As the use of information technology in enterprises providing support services to disabled persons grows, we believe strongly that developing a clear and concise view of where data originates, how it flows, and where it is ultimately used is increasingly important. To undertake such analyses Augury provides structured methods, effective specialized tools, and hands-on experience in developing, publishing and maintaining comprehensive models of a client's operations processes.

This example of an Operations Model was developed under an agreement with West Bay Residential Services, Inc. (Warwick, RI) which has provided comprehensive nursing care and assisted living services to disabled Rhode Islanders for more than 25 years.


Client Engagement Summary

At the conclusion of every Project Management engagement, Augury's established practice is to ensure that there is a clear, complete record of tasks undertaken in the project, as well as accomplishments completed during the course of the engagement. The Engagement Summary document also conveys both findings and recommendations to our client for their consideration as future tasks, goals or objectives.


Operations Gap Analysis

Considered as "best practice" in IT operations, we advise clients that assessing the readiness of an application, system, or entire network is a critical step in preparing for production-level use of that facility. Detailed in this example, Augury developed and administered and on-line survey of the technical staff of an incumbent Network Operations Center, coupled with on-site inspections of its network monitoring and management facilities and processes. We reported those findings to our client in extensive detail, and then went on to identify and analyze potentially crucial gaps in their operational practices, contrasted with industry-recognized standards of performance for a NOC facility of carrier caliber and scale.


Enterprise Software System Analysis

Developing an effective enterprise software system requires a continuing commitment to testing, analyzing, and refining the system at all of its levels of organization: platform, data model, user interface and more. In this engagement, Augury was retained to examine, analyze and compare two enterprise software systems that were acquired by the client. The systems were independently designed for the same, single purpose: automatically devising and costing complex telephone circuit requirements on a global scale. Interestingly, the two systems, although functionally similar, reflected conceptually distinct user models. Augury met the client's requirement through the compilation of an on-line, side-by-side, screen-by-screen presentation of both user interfaces accompanied by granular process charts detailing the utility of each system. We've reduced the on-line presentation to a single PDF document here, but the final deliverable provided the client with an easily-navigated, non-linear perspective that led to selection of one of the two systems for continued development investment.


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